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Help & Info about Subway Surfers for android

  • What is Subway Surfers for Android?

    This is a version of the popular endless runner game that has been created especially for the Android platform. The action takes place in a colourful subway system and there are several levels to complete as well as special items to collect and unlock.
  • Is Subway Surfers for Android Free?

    The game is completely free to download onto any Android device and play. However, there are special add-ons that need to be paid for if gamers wish to utilise them, while a fee is needed to turn off the pop up ads.
  • Can I Rest my Score on Subway Surfers for Android?

    Players have the option of resetting their gaming score any time that they choose. However, it should be noted that resetting the score will also reset all progress and cause players to lose any coins, characters, keys and unlocked boards that they have earned.
  • Is an Internet Connection Required to Play Subway Surfers for Android?

    Players do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to play the game and in fact many players are likely to find that it actually runs more smoothly when their Android device is set to airplane mode. However, an internet connection is needed to receive updates.
  • How Can I skip Missions on Subway Surfers for Android?

    Completing missions is an integral part of the game and players who do not want to take part in missions will have to go to save up gaming coins. On the bottom of the missions tab is an option to skip missions and users need to visit the shop and pay the specified number of coins
  • How do I Update Subway Surfers for Android?

    Updates for the game are regularly released and players should be notified whenever a new update is available to install. Details of updates for this as well as other updates can also be found by visiting Google Play.
  • What are the Controls for Subway Surfers for Android?

    The Android game controls are fairly intuitive and players simply swipe in the direction that they wish to move. Swiping down will cause the character to roll, while a double tap allows the character to grab a hoverboard.
  • Is Subway Surfers for Android Safe?

    The game has been created to be very safe and players should have no trouble installing and running it. Any bugs that are found are quickly reported and are typically rectified during the next update of the game.
  • What are the Subway Surfers for Android Daily Challenges?

    Players are provided with a new challenge to complete each day that they play through an internet connection. These challenges are always slightly different and there are special prizes to be one for completing five challenges in a row.
  • Why is Subway Surfers for Android Glitching?

    While it is uncommon, Android users may find that the game glitches from time to time. This may be caused if there are several different apps running at the same time and can be solved by closing some of the apps, while switching to airplane mode may also resolve the issue.


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